Everything you need to know before watching Avengers Infinity war

Everything you need to know before watching Avengers Infinity war -Thanos demands your silence - NO SPOILERS FROM AVENGERS INFINITY WAR

After watching Avengers: Infinity War at world pre-premiere imho there is some things you need to know before entering cinema.

Avengers: Infinity War is part of MCU marathon ( MCU Marvel Cinematic Univerese ) which count 19 movies so far including Infinty War.
To watch them all you need about 35 hours of watchtime and list of movies you can see here.
If you don't have time to spend all 35 hours to watch these movie marathon before you go to cinema to watch Avengers: Infinity War or you just want to refresh your memories here is a shorth list of what you must know before watching Avengers: Infinity War to fully enjoy expirience.

Who is Thanos?
Thanos is humanoid living being from planet Titan. Planet Titan was affected by unfortunate events which put Thanos in grand mission to restore balance in universe by preventing this event from happening on other planets in universe.

For to do that he will need to control all infinity stones at once. From his first apearence in MCU he is trying to collect all six infinity stones.

What are Infinity stones?
Before creation itself there were six singularities. And universe exploded in to exsistence and the remenents of this system were forged in to concentrated items ... infinity stones. These items can be controlled by beings of extrodinary strenght. And these stones give their wielder extrodinary powers.

What is Infinity glove?
Infinity glove is weapon created by dworfs at Whosoever which allows user to control and use all six Infinity stones at the same time.

What the is the each power hold in infinity stones?
1. Space stone (Blue Gem)
Space stone first apeares in Captain America First Avenger and it powers is to create portals in space, also it can be used as weapon to wipeout targets.
Location: Asgard (Last seen in Thor:Ragnarok)

2. Power stone (Purple Gem)
Power stone gives enhanced streight to his holder, also ability to destroys worlds.
Location: Xandar (Last seen in Guardians of Galaxy vol. 1 )

3. Reality stone (Red gem)
Reality stone grant its user control over reality.
Location: Knowhere (Last seen in Thor: The Dark World)

4. Time stone (Green Gem)
Time stone allowes its owner to control over time and explore possibilitys of future actions.
Location: Earth/Dr. Strange (Last seen in Thor: Ragnarok/Doctor Strange)

5. Mind stone (Yellow Gem)
Mind stone granted its wielder the power to enslave, read and control others' minds.
Location: Earth/Vision (Last seen in Captain America Civil War)

6. Soul stone (Orange Gem)
Allows the user to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead souls. The Soul Gem is also the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe. At full potential, the Soul Gem grants the user control over all life in the universe.
Location: to be found out

How many storylines marge into story of Avengers: Infinity wars?
There are 5 different storylines that directly merge into one in Avengers: Infinity war.

1. Storyline of Thor Ragnarok
(short: Thor lost his hammer but find his true power and become allfather, Bruce Banner now control Hulk more then ever and Hulk on his period on Sakaar learned how to talk ...)

-after destruction of Asgard and most powerful nation of universe aka Asgardinas float in space as refugees they come upon directly at Avengers Infinity War storyline ...

2. Storyline of Captain America Civil War
(short: new teamups and heroes like spiderman and black panther)

-after these events Avengers exist as one man army, they don't talk to each others, they simply exsit as name and empty building ... while Toni Stark knows that Avengers story is done he try to restore his relation with Paper and while doing that he enters into Avengers Infinity War story line ...

3. Storyline Guardians of Galaxy vol. 2
(short they got new powerfull allies as scavengers and Nebula. Star Lord find out that he was created as tool and have to kill his father to save universe in which action he lose his last parent and his streignt of celestial bean )

- after they save the universe once again they recieve distress call for help and by answering it they enter into Avengers: Infinity War storyline ...

4. Storyline Avengers ( Thanos story )
- after Thanos lost war led by Loki, he didn't only lost army and Space stone he also lost confidence and patience in anyone else and decided to "take things in his hand" ...

5. Storyline Black Panther
- here we learned about Wakanda and its true strength and tehnological advences. So there is also separate storyline which leads directly to Avengers: Infinity War ... but reason is SPOILER and since this is spoiler free - you must see movie to find out why ... Avengers: Infinity War info

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